Monday, May 5, 2014

My Roleplay Rules

Hello dear hearts!

This is my directory for all things roleplay rule related!!

Before we get started, I would like to mention a few things about myself. My name is Annika Schmidt and I am from East Germany, but I currently reside in the USA. I ran away from home at age 14 and moved to the United States at age 21. I have been roleplaying for about three or four years now, and am fairly experienced. If any of you would like to message me, comment on the OC for the fandom you would like to rp with!

So let's get started, yeah?

As far as fandoms go...I like just about everything
Here is a list of what I can think of and what I have OCs for though.
Bold means I will love you forever
Italics means I will say yes
Underlined means there is a 3/4 chance I will say yes, but don't be surprised if I am not in the mood.

                                                                Sherlock (BBC)
Doctor Who                                                                Avengers/Marvel                                                                Mortal Instruments                                                                Any Original Ideas


I would prefer to roleplay through email, as it is really the only thing I check daily, but if you have a problem with that I would be more than happy to roleplay elsewhere. Tumblr and Polyvore are definitely my seconds. After that comes Quizilla. If you are completely against all of these, let me know and we can work something out. 

I don't really care much for grammer and spelling, because both of mine suck balls. As long as you don't do text talk, we are cool. As for length, I typically write anywhere from one paragraph to multiple paragraphs per reply. Meaning OC will get 1-5 paragraphs and Your Crush will get 1-5 paragraphs, I also like to use gifs a lot. You do not have to match my length and effort, but I will try to match yours. However, I will not accept one liners. 
As long as you are not rude, feel free to message me! I love meeting new people and think it makes the roleplay that much better when you know who you are talking to. I have made multiple friends this way. Roleplaying should be fun, and the best fun is when you are with friends. 
ContentI like mature, realistic roleplays. I do not do just spice or just plain, so if you are underage or uncomfortable with topics like sex, drugs, violence, etc, do not message me. I understand they make people uncomfortable, but I think they help make an rp realistic.

I am fine with most anything except for childs abusing, rape, pedophilia or beastiality. Just, no, none of it. That is where I cross the line. I will, however, respect all of your limits.

Characters:Mary/Gary Sue's are accepted to a point. The main problem I have with people is when they copy another character from that area or anywhere. It just seems lazy to me.

Please message me! I promise I am not near as much of a bitch as I seem in the rules!!! The most important thing about roleplaying is escape and fun. 

I hope to see some people soon?

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