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My Roleplay Rules

Hello dear hearts!

This is my directory for all things roleplay rule related!!

Before we get started, I would like to mention a few things about myself. My name is Annika Schmidt and I am from East Germany, but I currently reside in the USA. I ran away from home at age 14 and moved to the United States at age 21. I have been roleplaying for about three or four years now, and am fairly experienced. If any of you would like to message me, comment on the OC for the fandom you would like to rp with!

So let's get started, yeah?

As far as fandoms go...I like just about everything
Here is a list of what I can think of and what I have OCs for though.
Bold means I will love you forever
Italics means I will say yes
Underlined means there is a 3/4 chance I will say yes, but don't be surprised if I am not in the mood.

                                                                Sherlock (BBC)
Doctor Who                                                                Avengers/Marvel                                                                Mortal Instruments                                                                Any Original Ideas


I would prefer to roleplay through email, as it is really the only thing I check daily, but if you have a problem with that I would be more than happy to roleplay elsewhere. Tumblr and Polyvore are definitely my seconds. After that comes Quizilla. If you are completely against all of these, let me know and we can work something out. 

I don't really care much for grammer and spelling, because both of mine suck balls. As long as you don't do text talk, we are cool. As for length, I typically write anywhere from one paragraph to multiple paragraphs per reply. Meaning OC will get 1-5 paragraphs and Your Crush will get 1-5 paragraphs, I also like to use gifs a lot. You do not have to match my length and effort, but I will try to match yours. However, I will not accept one liners. 
As long as you are not rude, feel free to message me! I love meeting new people and think it makes the roleplay that much better when you know who you are talking to. I have made multiple friends this way. Roleplaying should be fun, and the best fun is when you are with friends. 
ContentI like mature, realistic roleplays. I do not do just spice or just plain, so if you are underage or uncomfortable with topics like sex, drugs, violence, etc, do not message me. I understand they make people uncomfortable, but I think they help make an rp realistic.

I am fine with most anything except for childs abusing, rape, pedophilia or beastiality. Just, no, none of it. That is where I cross the line. I will, however, respect all of your limits.

Characters:Mary/Gary Sue's are accepted to a point. The main problem I have with people is when they copy another character from that area or anywhere. It just seems lazy to me.

Please message me! I promise I am not near as much of a bitch as I seem in the rules!!! The most important thing about roleplaying is escape and fun. 

I hope to see some people soon?

Supernatural OC ~Heart Shaped Box~

I'm not like them, but I can pretend"

"The sun is gone, but I have a light”

◘ Basic Info ◘

Full Name: Pandora ;  Katharina Cobain
Nicknames: Pandora prefers to just go by her own name, but she can't seem to escape the nicknames. 'Panda' is Crowley's favourite, a play on her hair & skin colour and her name. Sam doesn't have many nicknames for her, but Dean has an absolute ton. Cat (a play on the phrase 'curiousity killed the cat') and Nerd Bird are some of his favourites.

Aliases: Agent Jamie Moriarty, Detective Inspector Marie Calander , Specialist Vivienne Scarlett, and many others. Her aliases always seem to mimic pop culture icons

Age: Being created soon after Prometheus stole the fire, she is very old, older than some of the gods. However, she was cursed to never age, keeping her locked at age 29.

Species: Human; Immortal

Birthday: Unknown, but she celebrates her birthday on January 1st

Birthplace: Mnt. Olympus

Nationality: Greek; Olympian

Ethnicity: Greek

Languages: (in order of fluency) Greek, Latin, English, French, Japanese, German, and Spanish

Sexuality: Bisexual, though she typically leans more towards men

Blood Type: O Negative

Occupation: Pandora has had many off-the wall jobs throughout the years, but she currently runs a bookshop/tea store in Southern
California and does hunting as a side job.

"The day is done, but I am having fun"

◘ Appearance ◘

Height: 5'8”

Weight:110 lbs

Bust: She has a rather small bust, 28A.

Body Type: She would most likely be described as a 'cornet' or 'coumn' body type, with long limbs and not many curves. She is on the thin side and has toned arms and legs, but no impressive amount of muscle.

Complexion: Pale skin that burns easy, a fact she is not too proud of

Eyes: Pandora has large, round eyes that are a forest green colour

Hair: Pandora has thick, curly, dark hair. It is always a bit of a mess and seems to have a mind of its own. She usually keeps it cut short, reaching just past her chin and about midway down her neck. When styling it for a job, she'll either pin a section back or hairspray it away from her face. Otherwise, she just leaves it as is when she wakes up. Brushing it just makes it more frizzy.

Birthmark(s): N/a

Scar(s): Many. She has multiple small battle scars and a couple large, distinguishing scars across her back and stomach from being tortured by Crowley. However, she has many near healed injuries. Anything that would be normally fatal does not heal fully because when her body stopped developing, it also stopped producing white blood cells.

Clothing Style: Pandora has a very feminine, hipsterish sense of fashion. Her closet consists of lots of pastels, skirts, blouses, peter pan collars, and floral prints. She typically wears pale pink Converse sneakers with everything.

Accessories: Unless for a case, none. When it is for a case, she has a few stable necklaces she reverts to.

Makeup: Pandora stays away from most makeup except for bright red lipstick. Beyond that she views it as too much of a hassle.

Piercings/Tattoos: She doesn't have any piercings, and she has an anti-possesion symbol on her right shoulder and a demon trap on her right. She figures is a demon somehow possesses her, it would be better to trap it inside her body and die with it rather than allow it to move from body to body.

Scent:Because of her love of incense, she usually has a strong, earthy patchouli aroma to her. Aside from this, she smells slightly of old, stale drugs. This is because the smell was never able to leave her body entirely, as she doesn't have any new skin cells. The smell stuck to these old ones and never left. This is why she always keeps a stick of incense burning-to try and hide the stench.

"I think I'm dumb or maybe just happy”
◘ Character ◘

Dominant Hand: Left Handed

Personality:Pandora has a slightly psychopathic way about her. She is very intelligent and witty, something she has developed over the years. However, despite this she does not have much common sense and finds herself getting into self-caused trouble often. This does not affect her much though, because she seeks out danger and risks. She gets bored easy and thinks living a wild life is the only way to satisfy it. She balences it out with working at a quiet book shop. She has strong self-destructive tendancies and could even be described as suicidal. This makes her ready to do anything to protect the ones she loves and eager to take their place, regardless of what it is.

Her sense of humour is rather sarcastic, and the joke seems to never end for her, which gives her an innocent, childish air about her. When she does get serious though, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Forever the hippie, anything other than freedom will not do. She believes strongly in being honest and being yourself and doing what you feel is right. Pandora has a 'ask questions first, shoot later' attitude, which the Winchesters absolutely loathe. They believe, and rightfully so, that is too dangerous for her to think this way and it will get her killed.

She hates lying and liars, and will even go as far as to block anyone who lies to her out of her life for a while. This makes her a very blunt, honest person. However, just because she says something and means it one day does not mean it will be true for the next.

Likes: Pandora loves literature. She has always loved books and poetry, especially ones about far off lands, dragons, the hole nerdy nine yards. She views the literary works as ways to escape whatever problems she is having at the moment, and has even been known to write a bit herself, mostly poetry. She loves loud punk/grunge music. This often blares from her car and plays in her shop. Candles and incense are another must. She loves rich, earthy, woodsy smells like sandalwood and patchouli. Her diet is strictly vegan, and she loves small berries. Packages of self dried berries can be found in her bag at all times. 

Dislikes: The Roman and Greek deities are a never ending source of anger for Pandora. They sit right up on the 'hate list' with cats and country music. Other than that, Pandora is a fairly loving person and has a spot for everything in her heart. Well, except for mothers. She has a severe grudge against them. She doesn't like junk food, as it upsets her stomach. She really dislikes television. She can't sit down long enough to finish and it makes her feel brain dead.

Fears: She has an irrational fear of the cold. She also has Auto-phobia, a severe fear of being alone with herself. She keeps people with her at all times because of this, even if they are complete strangers.

Bad Habits: Pandora is a heavy cigarette smoker and licks her lips when she is nervous/thinking.

"My heart is broke but I have some glue, help me inhale and mend it with you"
◘ Relationships ◘

Family: Pandora was made out of clay to be Zeus's daughter and she had a daughter of her own, but now she has no blood.
Friends: She views the Winchesters as good friends, but not much of anyone else. She is scared to get close to anyone, because she knows there is a high chance she will out live them.
Enemies: Anyone she doesn't know past a first name basis she views as an enemy.
Past Relationships: When she was first made, she was passed off to Epimetheus and they were married. They even had a daughter. However, because she opened the box. Epimetheus took their daughter and told everyone Pandora had died. Again, she fell into a serious relationship with a poet from New York in the mid-sixties. By the time the seventies had come around, the had a son named Coriander and had plans to be married. Pandora had also admitted to what she was and he had admitted to being a hunter. They sought out a witch and made plans to have Pandora made mortal. The night they met at the witch's house, a demon had possessed their son's babysitter and then possessed her daughter. Coriander came in, possessed by an unnamed demon, and killed the witch and Pandora's to-be husband before killing the vessel.
Love Interest: Henry Winchester (Sam & Dean's grandfather, AU where he hasn't died)



Henry Winchester



"We'll float around and hang out on clouds, then we'll come down and have a hang-over."

◘ Biography ◘

Pandora was made by Hephaestus out of clay to be given to Zeus as a daughter. To spite Prometheus for his 'crimes' he gave the curious young woman over to Epimetheus. The two were happily married and even had a daughter, whom they ironically named Pyrrha, meaning fire. Zeus gave them a box as a wedding gift and told them to never open it. About a year or so after waiting, Pandora snapped and opened to box, which released everything bad into the world. She was so distressed that she began to sob acid tears. Epimetheus came in, wondering what could possibly be wrong with her. Pandora explained what had happened, and Epimetheus grabbed Pyrrha and ran, spreading the rumor that Pandora had died. Pandora cried for weeks before re-opening to box, letting out hope.

Zeus cursed her to live forever and stunted her body. She would not age, would not grow, but also now had no pulse and would never fully heal from anything, as none of her skin would regenerate and her white blood cells had stopped. She also could not eat anything beyond vegan, 'rabbit food', as her body was unable to adapt to sugars and chemicals later put into food. This did not become an evident problem until the late 19th century, early 20th when restaurants and processed food became a big deal.

For all of the B.C. era and the first thousand A.D. years, Pandora worked as a 'psychic', explaining she could predict the future. In reality, all she would do was learn an obvious fact about the person. (Frail body but enlarged, round stomach? Pregnant) and give a vague description of an event (parent has green eyes and tanned skin? "Your child will be an exact replica of it's maker. Raise it well and you could live vicariously through this young one, but raise it poorly and you will see everything you dislike about your own self bursting in a smaller version,"). She jumped jobs every thousand years, moving from odd job to odd job and country to county.

It wasn't until the late 1900s that she met William Thomas Melburg, a starving poet from New York in the late 60s. They fell in love instantly. (He walked into her hand-made jewelry shop and it was 'love at first site') Soon they had a child and plans to get married. One fateful August evening the two confessed their secret identities to each other. William was actually a hunter and Pandora was an immortal. She explained how she had been cast from Olympus and wasn't a goddess anymore, but that she was still immortal. William summoned a witch and demanded in one month to have her mortal. The witch agreed, but for a small fee. Three weeks of little to know eating and no electricity, life was hard for the family. Still, they managed to get enough money together to pay the witch and for a baby sitter for their son Coriander.

However, the babysitter was possessed by a demon that had been hunting William for three years. It jumped from the baby sitter to the seven year old boy, grabbed the shot gun from the wall, then set out for the witch's house. Just before the spell was finished the possessed boy shot the witch then William, then proceeded to break his own neck and removed itself from the body. When the witch's sister (another witch) saw what had happened, she cursed Pandora to never have children again 'for her irresponsibility'.

After this, Pandora went home and drank herself into oblivion. And then she drank some more, and some more, and some more. She was actually admitted into a hospital for suspected alcohol poisoning, but left the next day. She got moved to Southern California and opened a book shop and vegan cafe right under her loft in the eighties and got involved with drugs. By 1996 she was addicted to cocaine, heroine, and various pain meds. She had also changed her name to Katharina Cobain in fear that some hunter would connect the dots between the familiar face since the beginning of time paired with the name Pandora.

For months the Winchesters visited her bookstore in search of lore books, which she kept on stock just for them. It wasn't until after Dean got back from hell, however, that she officially met them. She had been captured and was being tortured by Crowley for information on Sam and/or Bobby's location, but she had no clue. Castiel, along with the two brothers, came in and rescued her. They took her on a hunt with them (meaning she was hand cuffed to one of the backseats of the Impala for a week) to make sure she wasn't another monster, though Cas regularly assured them he knew she was good. He had seen her face before but couldn't remember where. The hunt stripped her of her addiction. She found it gave her the same high as the drugs, but was less expensive.

Now, she helps the Winchesters often on any hunts they have and has become a regular member of 'Team Free Will'.

"Skin the sun, fall asleep. Wish away, the soul is cheap."



Fun Facts:

Pandora eats a strictly vegan diet

She lives in a small loft right above her bookstore/tea cafe in Southern California

She drives a blue 1953 Buick Skylark and three fourths of her income go into keeping it clean and running. She is very proud of it.

She could easily recite any Shakespearean literary work

She has a habit of clicking her tongue before starting a sentence and she fidgets with things while thinking- a bit of a nervous tick.

She has been diagnosed with severe depression but chooses to do nothing about it.

She is an amazing cook, but a terrible baker.


"Just eat the rabbit food and shut up"

"It {hunting} is like a drug. The first time is always the best, and I continue because I always want to feel that rush, that excitement, that high again. But it never comes. Yet I still do it. Why? Addiction. I'm addicted to knowing, for a short period, that I matter. That I have worth. That my never ending life isn't just taking up space and gaining dust. I'm driven by this need to feel worthy. The only time I feel worthy is when I am helping people. When I can't save someone least a week... I fall deep down into depression again. This is the extreme pressure I put on myself. The self-doubt is always there though, even when I do save somebody. It is this ever growing monster that eats joy. I might be happy for a moment, but there is no long term effect. If anything, things just get worse. I don't hunt because it is my passion or I love guns. I hunt because if I don't..I might die." (When Sam asked why she didn't just go home after that first hunting night with them)

"My world is dark. It is not bright or sunny, just very dark."

"Okay, boys listen up, we're gonna play a game of what ifs. Let's say I liked a person we recently met in your family. Not saying this is true but...if it were to be what would be you're reaction?"

"Mary Kate, Ashley (her nickname for the boys)! Hurry up!"

"Hey! Braveheart! (Dean) Why don't you shut up and be glad I'm not blaring that blonde headed Canadian from these speakers!"

Playlist (bold are her themes):
Into the Fire--Disturbed
Anarchy in the UK--Sex Pistols
Face Down--Emigrate
Langeweile--Feeling B
Ich Suche' Die DDR--Feeling B
Pretty Vacant--Sex Pistols
Heart-Shaped Box--Nirvana

Rape Me--Nirvana
Upside Down--Paloma Faith
Little Apple Blossom--White Stripes

Movie: Chicago the Musical
Musical Artist: Nirvana
Colour: Pastel pink or blue
Drink: Absolut vodka or bubble tea (vegan)
Food: Cherries
Animal: Horse
Plant: Rose

"Lesson learned, wish me luck."


"Soothe the Burn, wake me up"